Host a Screening

Hosting a screening is a great way to share, empower and engage your family, friends, colleagues and community members through Native stories.


  • Help others learn about Native American issues
  • Share the power of storytelling
  • Inform others about a new subject
  • Find like-minded people who share your interests
  • Potentially change many lives
  • Meet new people and make new connections
  • Reach out to local non-profit partners
  • Meet local “experts” who could be on a panel or lead discussion afterward
  • Provide local press with an opportunity to cover your event/organization/cause

Find out how!



Native stories that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of American Indians and Alaska Natives for your station!


Current funding, job, and training opportunities that support the production of Native content. Plus, additional information for filmmakers.


Hands-on educational tools for middle school to college-aged students that increase the Impact of Native films in the classroom.
• VMM Filmmaker Training-June 8-9
• Adding Native Voices to National Narrative on Diversity
• Annual Report Spotlights Four New Directions
• VMM Film Festival Highlights
• Berlin Film Festival Proves Rewarding
• Free Webinars Available to Filmmakers
• Producer Training in Oakland, June 8-9
• Native American Multimedia Internships
• Producer Training Moves to Oakland in June
• Walking in Two Worlds: A Tale of Alaska's Tongass, America's Largest Forest
• Splendor & Devastation
• Settlement Act
• Clear-cut Logging
• Healing the Forest
Standing Bear's Footsteps
First Circle
Horse Tribe
Silent Thunder

Native Stories for Public Broadcasting

• Call for Proposals: Election Coverage
• ITVS Open Call
• Indigenous Filmmakers at Sundance
• VMM Scoping European Film Market - Berlin
• Aurora "Extremes" Submissions
• Needed: Native Oral Historian

Blog Series:


Boots Kennedye has been on the road listening to stories about the tribes of the Great Lakes region for the Vision Maker Media series, Growing Native.

Blog Series:


Below are suggestions and advice from funded filmmakers. They were gracious enough to give us permission to share their applications that were funded in the 2014 Open Call.

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