The Medicine Game - Follow-up Series Now Available

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The Medicine Game - Follow-up Series Now Available

The four-part short film series, The Medicine Game: Four Brothers, One Dream, is a sequel to the original feature length film released in 2014, which focused on older brothers Jeremy and Hiana. This series goes into the lives of Miles and Lyle, their connection, and assent to the top of the lacrosse world.

Film 1 - 7:30- This first episode in the series introduces brothers Miles and Lyle Thompson and looks back at their unique upbringing, and explores how it fostered two of the top college lacrosse players of all-time.

Film 2 - 5:17 - Miles Thompson tells the story of growing up in the shadow of three lacrosse star brothers and how the struggle of proving the doubters wrong overcoming weight issues pushed him to the top of the lacrosse world. We follow Miles training with his brothers on the Onondaga Nation to playing in his first professional lacrosse game in Minneapolis, MN.

Film 3 - 5:12 - This episode focuses on a single brother, this time Lyle. See Lyle at his college apartment studying for finals, walking around campus, and going to practice. This episode presents the many sides of Lyle, for he is much more than just an athlete and lacrosse legend. He’s an unselfish and humble teammate, devoted father and husband, and loyal brother. Lyle is also a complex individual with a fiercely strong spiritual side, which seems to be his grounding force.

Film 4 - 5:18 - This episode looks to the future of the four Thompson brothers. Find out how the Thompson Brother Lacrosse brand was created and the ongoing construction of the Thompson family compound on the Onondaga Nation where all four brothers plan to live with their respective families.

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