The Medicine Game - Lukas Korver


The Medicine Game - Lukas Korver

Q. Why is it important to have films created, written, and produced by Natives in today’s media?
A. Indian Country is home to compelling and important stories just waiting to be told and voices which need to be heard. Who better to tell these stories than Natives filmmakers? As a fan of documentary film, I want to hear what Native filmmaker’s have to say, I want to hear new voices. The documentary landscape should always evolve and expand, and diversity is the key to all of this.

Q. Why do you think people should tune in for 40 Years: 40 Films?
A. I may be biased, but I challenge anyone to find stronger collection of Native documentaries, and they will be streaming for free! While each film may have Native roots, all are unique and cover a wide array of topics from politics, history, sports, the environment, women’s rights, art, etc. Examining these topic through the lens of Native characters and filmmakers opens up new ways of understanding the world.

Q. Why should other producers and filmmakers work with Vision Maker Media?
A. Obviously VMM is a great source of economic support, something that’s a primary need for any filmmaker or content creator. But, VMM isn’t just cutting a check in exchange for a film; they offer personalized support throughout the entire process. The filmmaking process, especially post-production can be quite daunting, so it was nice to have VMM there to talk with when dealing with an issue, or I needed to show them a particular scene for constructive feedback or validation. For me, they we’re my cheering section, pushing me towards the finish line when I really needed the encouragement.

Q. What aspect of working with Vision Maker Media was the most worthwhile or rewarding for you?
A. VMM has been around for many years and supported hundreds of projects, but I never felt lost in the shuffle. Somehow, the VMM team made us feel as if our film was their most important project in production, when of course it wasn’t any more significant than the other films they were juggling at time. At a time when we needed all the help we could get, their support and encouragement was crucial in pushing us past the finish line.

Q. How does Vision Maker Media provide support to you as a filmmaker?
A. As a first-time filmmaker, VMM walked me through the entire completion process, something I likely would not have figured out on my own. They guided me through the process of acquiring the proper insurances, offered budget templates, gave advice on copyrights - things I had no knowledge about, they were there to guide me through.

Q. What’s one experience would you want audiences to take away after viewing your film?
A. I’d hope that the viewers can appreciate the strength of the Thompson family, and be inspired by that strength. Since working on the film, I’ve become a father, and I often think about Ji’s message at the end of the film; “The most important thing you can give your children is your time”. I try to live up to that standard as best I can and look to the Thompson family as an example of what can happen when you make your children a priority.

Q. How do Vision Maker Media films help serve Indian Country?
A. In supporting Native filmmakers and Native films, it’s shining a light and giving a voice to Indian Country. It’s important for those of us outside of Indian Country to be exposed to Indian Country stories, issues, and heroes. And it’s just as important for Natives to learn about what’s going on in Indian Country, what the issues are, and possibly be inspired by the film’s Native characters and heroes.

Q. What advice would you give to filmmakers beginning their careers?
A. Create as much as you can, 30-second videos, 1-minute videos, even experimental projects. You’ll want to have many of the “bugs” worked out on smaller projects before you decide to put all your time, money and energy into a big project. At the start of your career, you’ll likely grow as an artist faster than any point in your career. Your second film could easily have twice the quality and impact as your first, and that exponential growth can continue for some time. Lastly, when choosing a “big” project to work on, make sure your heart is into the topic and the characters; the film could easily become your life and you’ll want it to be an interesting and enjoyable experience.

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