Robert Mirabal


Robert Mirabal

Robert Mirabal is a Taos Pueblo member. He was born and raised on the Taos Pueblo. He is a two-time Grammy winner, flute maker, composer and painter.

He has dedicated his life to living a traditional lifestyle. That means he lives without electricity, running water and grows his own food. Tobias Grant, production assistant, interviewed Robert Mirabal. Roberts talks about his music, growing up on the Taos Pueblo and cultural aspects of his life. Included in this blog are the top 5 songs from Robert Mirabal.

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Robert is also featured in the DVD For the Generations: Native Story & Performance which can be found at

"The Dance" (Music From a Painted Cave)

"1,000 Miles" (Music From a Painted Cave)

"Whitehorse Dreaming" (Johnny Whitehorse)

"Tony & Allison" (Mirabal)

"Eikos Shaman" (The Story of Land)

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