Joey Stylez


Joey Stylez

Joey Stylez is Cree-Metis and a Moosomin First Nations Tribal member. Moosmin is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. He had a rough upbringing and overcame that by using his talent for putting a positive light on his Native heritage.

For example, his song “Living Proof” describes the mistreatment of First Nations People of Canada. Joey Stylez was given an opportunity to perform “Living Proof” for the Prime Minister of Canada and a live television audience. The performance was part of a healing process between the Canadian Government and the First Nations People. Joey Stylez grew up in Canada--a country not known for it's Hip-Hop music when compared to the United States with city media giants such as New York City.

 Joey and his friends started their own record label versus waiting around and looking for their big break. His musical talent started out as rap/hip-hop and has since progressed to a finished first album which has elevated his skills to another level.

Tobias Grant recently spoke with Joey Stylez about his Black Star Album, his expericne shooting his first music video and starting his clothing line. For more information about Joey Stylez or to download his album log-on to his website at Or follow him on his social networking sites facebook and myspace. (Click on the links to his pages.)

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