In the News/Reviews for Weaving Worlds

In the News/Reviews for Weaving Worlds

Visual Anthropology Review

"This film is an excellent resource for teaching and learning about Navajo culture, capitalism and Native American history and is a "must see" for all Native Americans." --Beverly R. Singer, University of Mexico; American Indian Quarterly | Read the full review

"This well-paced film has high production values and provides an insider's view that is well worth checking out."--John Nesbit, Old School Film Reviews

"The film helps students to critically consider the processes and complexities of cultural continuity and change, and the confluence of spiritual, creative and economic motivations in art production."--Heather A. Howard, Michigan State University; Anthropology Review

"In this profoundly thought-provoking documentary, Weaving Worlds, filmmaker Bennie Klain ushers us out of the stores and into the homes of the weavers, who take us on a fascinating journey into their minds, memories, hearts and deep cultural roots."--Austin Film Society

"If films are about observation, it occurs to me that Bennie Klain and his film associates have used their highest skills of observation to raise a hugely important discussion among Navajo people by producing this film."--Beverly R. Singer, University of Mexico; American Indian Quarterly

 "Weaving Worlds possesses a critical point-of-view that, in the absence of voice-over narration, emerges through editing and cinematography."--Randolph Lewis; The Velvet Light Trap, Number 66, Fall 2010, pp. 50-61 (Article: The New Navajo Cinema: Cinema and Nation in the Indigenous Southwest)

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