SKINDIGENOUS is a 13-part documentary series exploring the art of tattooing as practiced by Indigenous peoples around the world. The art of the tattoo is the lens through which we discover this people’s unique perspective on the world. Each episode of SKINDIGENOUS features a master tattoo artist who will reveal the secrets of their art. By following a master and one of his or her clients in the process of creating a new tattoo piece, SKINDIGENOUS brings us into the origins and purpose that are ascribed to this form of body art in their culture. Episodes document the process of making a tattoo from conception to completion, covering each step of the way from how pigments are made from natural materials to how the ink is injected into the skin using traditional methods. SKINDIGENOUS offers an opportunity to explore one indigenous people’s unique cultural life as well as its spiritual beliefs, worldview, and connection with the environment.




Release Date: 
Thursday September 6, 2018
Expiration Date: 
Monday September 5, 2022

Unlimited releases over four (4) years; SCH/1YR (for K‐12); V.O.D/concurrent with broadcast; and non‐commercial cable rights.


NOLA Code: 
SKIN 101-113 Base Revision 001


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