Crew Statement for The Medicine Game

Crew Statement for The Medicine Game

“Having grown up only an hour away from the Onondaga Nation, I was always fascinated by the rumors I heard of what life was like there—tales of a lawless territory unsafe for outsiders. I had to see what life was really like on the Nation, not only to open my own eyes, but hopefully many others as ignorant as myself. I was introduced to the Thompson family and was mesmerized by their story, their personalities, and their openness to a complete stranger from California with a video camera. Their openness was so deep, in fact, that I was invited to live in their home and was instantly treated like one of the family. I was referred to on the Nation as ‘the other Thompson brother,’ although instead of carrying a lacrosse stick everywhere, it was a video camera.

"While filming their senior year of high school and the years after, the goal was to present the life of Native American teenagers growing up with one foot firmly planted in two distinct cultures. Jeremy and Hiana Thompson show us how this can be accomplished, seemingly unfazed by the cultural issues and controversies as they arise. The cultural angle—the element that originally drew me to this project—actually takes a supporting role beside the core story; a strong and loving family pushing their children towards their dreams, who just happen to be Native. Although their life experiences are very unique, the audience, no matter their background, will relate to the Thompson's many struggles and triumphs.”

- Lukas Korver, Director/Producer/Editor

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