The Blackfeet Flood

The Blackfeet Flood


On June 8, 1964, a driving rain buckled dams and flooded vehicles on the Blackfeet Reservation, sweeping crying children from mothers’ arms, and ferrying homes and bodies across the prairie. By the time it ended, more than two-dozen Blackfeet Indians had drowned in the worst natural disaster in Montana history. More than a half-century after the worst disaster in Montana history, two Blackfeet families struggle to come to terms with the 1964 flood. While one family held onto their rural lifestyle, the flood scattered the other family across the U.S.

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Release Date: 
Monday November 25, 2019
Expiration Date: 
Saturday November 25, 2023

Six (6) releases over four (4) years beginning 11/25/2019; SCH/1YR (for K‐12); and non‐commercial cable rights.

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