Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival

Friday, May 24, 2019

Every time we at Austin Film Festival receive a film, we know that we are not just watching movies - we are watching the result of intense collaboration, planning, and work on the parts of passionate people, dedicated to their craft. We appreciate all of the heart and soul that it takes to tell your tales, and we recognize the great courage it takes to get back in the saddle again and again. As a past entrant, we want to let you know that our Early Bird Deadline is March 29. And since you've shared your stories with us in the past, we want to make the process even easier for you!

Use code PASTENTRANT to take an extra $10 off your submission fee, on us!

Early Bird Deadline: March 29($50)

Regular Deadline: May 24($60)

Late Deadline: June 28($75)

Extended Deadline: July 5 ($85)

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