We Breathe Again Producers Attend Vision Maker Media's Producer Workshop

We Breathe Again Producers Attend Vision Maker Media's Producer Workshop

Enei is Navajo and married into the Gwich’in Nation.

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2012-09-17 00:00

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My husband and co-Producer Evon Peter and I had the honor of attending the recent Vision Maker Media Producer Workshop and National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our film We Breathe Again was selected for Vision Maker Media funding support recently and we were then invited to attend this Producers Workshop and conference. The entire trip was greatly informative, both inside and outside the workshops.

The Vision Maker Media Producers Workshop brought together some thirty Native filmmakers who are all working on exciting projects. The opportunity to get to know other experienced and new filmmakers was definitely a highlight of the trip. In addition to this excellent networking time, the information presented during the Producers Workshop was very informative. We came away from the daylong presentation having a much clearer understanding of Vision Maker Media on the whole as well as Public Television in general. Of particular value were the discussions around addition funding sources available for film projects such as ours. It was also excellent to learn about the marketing support and educational engagement opportunities that Vision Maker Media will be able to offer our film throughout our relationship with Vision Maker Media. Additionally, we had an interesting and informative session on social media.

Overall the Vision Maker Media workshop was interesting and informative, however, there was a lot packed into a one-day session. There was little time throughout the single day to really get into constructive conversations with the other filmmakers or Vision Maker Media staff. Yet, we realize the constraints of time, especially when bringing busy people together, so while our time together was understandably short we are happy with our time spent at this gathering and hope to continue growing the relationships begun during this time.

Furthermore the NAMAC conference was informative and provided more time for networking. Between the two of us we went to a number of sessions during the NAMAC conference, including the Plenary session “Artists as Leaders”; Mobile Engagement; Digital Frontiers: Copyright/Privacy, etc; Creating “Leaderful” Organizations and Networks; Public Art: Engaging Communities; and Digital Distribution. In addition, we watched a number of short films – Native and non-Native produced – and we even had time to check out the “Hack Factory”. The Hack Factory was an interesting space for hands on learning; I had a good time learning how to pick different types of locks (although I’m not quite sure what the applicability is to film production other than the fact that I do tend to lock myself out of things often).

Moreover, the NAMAC conference provided more time for us to be able to meet further with other producers and resource people. In fact, during this additional time we made a number of valuable connections with people who were not at the Vision Maker Media workshop. Overall our time at this gathering was very productive and worthwhile. Being fairly new to the world of film production, I was happy to learn that much of my experience and knowledge from the past 12 years of community organizing and non-profit management will translate well to producing films! Thanks Vision Maker Media for a great opportunity to expand our knowledge and network!

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