Vision Maker Media- NAMAC Pt. 2

Vision Maker Media- NAMAC Pt. 2

In addition to serving as the current Executive Vice President and co-owner of Schilling Media, Inc. a Native American owned Media and Media Relations Corporation, Vincent Schilling is an enrolled member of the St.

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2013-01-06 00:00

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The Vision Maker Media/NAMAC Conference began the following day and I was honored to hear from some amazing folks at Vision Maker Media.

I will post some of the pictures I took with a quick note about what the speaker offered/said.

After an introduction to the group of Native filmmakers/filmakers of Native content, Vision Maker Media Executive Director Shirley K. Sneve explained the many offerings of the Vision Maker Media and spoke of the opportunities to develop and expand the scope of our programming impacts.

Our go-to person of the Vision Maker Media organization and direct link to Shirley, George talked to us about Production support through the Public Media Content Fund, professioanl Developement and the "SOP" of the Vision Maker Media and Producers.

After George spoke to the producers, a plethora of other great speakers from Vision Maker Media gave their insights and teachings regarding subject matter such as New Technologies, Social Media and Marketing, Interactive media and learning and teching priciples of media.

The presenters included Eric Martin, Jessica Kinser, Blue Tarpalechee and more.

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