Vimeo: The YouTube for Film Producers

Vimeo: The YouTube for Film Producers

Eric Martin, former Interactive Media Specialist for Vision Maker Media, worked at Vision Maker Media from 1996-2015 and is currently the Content Media Strategist for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications.

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2012-07-31 00:00

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The more and more I use Vimeo the more I can see how it really caters to film producers. Here's just a few. If you have any that you think I've missed, let me know.

  1. Gives you various options to share your work such as:
    1. A portfolio for displaying your work to potential clients
    2. A channel for sharing your work or the work of others
    3. Playlists for specific programming that might not need a channel
    4. Password protected review pages

  2. There are a ton of tutorials specifically designed to teach people how to better create their creative works. Many of the manufactures of software used in video production actually have channels of tutorials that they either produced or curated and many times you won't find these same tutorials on the company's YouTube channel where they know that they are talking to a more general audience.

  3. A freemium design that doesn't rely on ads and allows at certian levels to embed the video player without their branding.

  4. A way to list multiple collaborators on a project. Vimeo understands that very seldom is a professional video the work of one person.

  5. The ability to have people download your videos (whether it is a rough cut or your final product) and to give them the option to download at different stages in the compression process.
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