Three Days... in Minneapolis

Three Days... in Minneapolis

Ramona Emerson is a filmmaker originally from Tohatchi, New Mexico.

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2012-10-17 00:00

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Minneapolis. The city of Mary Tyler Moore and Prince and the Revolution… and my Dad… back in the day. It had been years since I had set foot in the beautiful city: the air was great, not too cold – not too hot, great food everywhere. So after a small mishap at the Denver airport and our later then expected arrival, the team and I made our way down to the depths of Minneapolis and into an intense, information filled few days… and the most gigantic dinner I’ve had since the Jemez Feast Day!!  I felt truly blessed to be there with my team from A Mayor of Shiprock, and I was eager to get into the details of what stands before us as we entered the realm of funded filmmaking!!!

It was great to learn immediately and clearly exactly what Vision Maker Media wanted from us – details that are sometimes lost in the complexities of the written page. Hearing the experiences of other filmmakers and learning about their own journey through the paths of their respective projects was invaluable. It really helps to hear about the journeys of these projects and the people who make them in order to focus my own intensity into the project that I am about to embark on. Specifically, learning about learning media and developing lesson plans for documentaries, was always something I needed work on. Swapping stories with other filmmakers – some new, some old friends – is always an important element of being an artist - discussing projects and just having time to laugh.

The journey was also capped off by looking into the world of media at NAMAC- the great opening at the Walker Art Museum, the cool mega catapults, the smoking soldering irons at the workshops. It was certainly not what I expected – perhaps my vision of sterile conventions and poor lighting didn’t lend itself to my idea of what the conference might be – but admittedly I was wrong. I was defiantly a well-rounded event.

I would have liked another day with the group, perhaps to show clips of projects or have deeper discussions about our work – whether just beginning or well into the process.

I also really enjoyed going to the screenings and discussing the projects that are still in progress. As a filmmaker, it is imperative to have a community of seasoned artists to strengthen the vision of your film. I was proud to sit amongst some of the best independent filmmakers out there and being able to discuss our work, our funding, our cameras - there at NAMAC amongst a world of media artists from around the world.

So until we meet again filmmakers and supporters of media… get to work on those documentaries!!!!

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