Producers Workshop Summary

Producers Workshop Summary

Jonny Cournoyer is a multi-disciplinary artist with a primary focus on moving and still imagery.

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2012-09-28 00:00

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Minneapolis Producers Workshop - Sept, 2012

I took away many things from Minneapolis this past September. Firstly, I really enjoyed being there with my partner in this film together. not only did we tackle some some issues and hurdles with our current cut from twenty thousand feet over Colorado, we had each other to springboard points and issues that emerged during the workshop. We were touched that Vision Maker Media was happy to have us both there and I think my partner Christian especially was able to offer some technical insights to the group too. Speaking of the group, such as was in Santa Fe last August, it was the network that you become engrained, intertwined and bonded with by the end of the weekend that is of great importance. Although it sounds silly, being in Los Angeles can be isolating for this native film world and to make acquaintances, friends, confidants And possibly future collaborators is important. I learned just as much of the process of producing a film in certain ways sitting around the lobby firepit at the end of the night with the group as I did during the workshop. This interaction, relation-building and expanding of my film-making community was a great outcome. That is not too say I didn't learn anything during the  workshop, on the contrary it did clarify some aspects of the process of a PBS grant. There was some healthy information mon social networking for your film and the various new outlets for that as well as the fact that Vision Maker Media is eager to share and promote your film-related posts. some of the information  that was brought up during the day I had already read on my contract as well as the producers handbook though people's questions helped elaborate on some of those things further. All of the presentations were great, especially Blu introducing me to the world of "Prezzi". One critique that seemed to be shared throughout the group was that the presentations could for been condensed a touch, perhaps up until lunch break. The second half of the day could expand on the 2 examples of film projects we sAw followed by a Q&A. I think if everyone was able to show a 5 minute clip of their project and have a group discourse following it would be really helpful, as getting feedback from peers never hurts in the long run even if its bad. I think that would of rounded out the day perfectly after having a morning full of projected information from team leaders followed by a round table discussion on what people love or don't care for of everybody's work. it's rare together a room full of native film makers and producers in the room together so why waste that opportunity?

Overall I thought the weekend was a good one, good food, good people, good projects, etc. speaking of food, in hindsight I personally would off liked that opening dinner party to instead come at the end, once everybody has already Bonded. Maybe we can mooch off an opening event like the Walker Art Centers as the kickoff meet and Greet and save the expensive dinner gathering for once we all have Minneapolis workshop battle scars together. 

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