Darren Kipp was one of the founders of the non-profit arm of Blackfeet National Bank and has helped to initiate a community endowment fund designed to enhance and develop community-based programs, including a minibank program for grade school children and a

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2012-10-30 00:00

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The NAMAC conference held in Minneapolis , MN was a success and most importantly fostered an atmosphere of collaboration  and encouragement. This was my first time to attend, and I would encourage participation.

The NAMAC conference offered incredible panels and exposed me to media by people and organizations that are passionate about the craft. One NAMAC panel that I was looking forward to seeing, and went way beyond my expectations was titled "Teaching (and Learning) Media and the Arts". The panel was moderated by Mike Wassenaar, Executive Director of the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network, with panel members, Joseph Douillette who is the Digitial Studio Manager and Fast Forward Program Director at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Lila Kitaeff who is Technical Director at Reel Grrrls in Seattle, and Glenna Voigt who is the Principal at Media Arts Collaborative Charter School in Albuquerque. Their experiences that they shared were honest and practical. They all laid it on the line, sharing success, and failures. If you can check out/search the works from these groups, all can be found on u-tube, and one example titled; Hailey We Miss You. Wow, what a powerful video and very professional. Seeing examples of the work each is doing and how they got it done was inspiring and motivating, my hat is off to the people involved at NAMAC and the participants.

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