Minneapolis and Vision Maker Media - "A Life Changing Experience"

Minneapolis and Vision Maker Media - "A Life Changing Experience"

In addition to serving as the current Executive Vice President and co-owner of Schilling Media, Inc. a Native American owned Media and Media Relations Corporation, Vincent Schilling is an enrolled member of the St.

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2012-09-25 00:00

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Minneapolis - What an amazing city with an incredible amount of culture and arts. I had a brilliant time filled with exploration, excitement and discovery. My experiences in this great city affected me on both a personal and professional level. In retrospect, the core and foundation of my entire belief system was hit with a massive wallop.

I will never be the same - If you read a little further, I'll be more than happy to explain my journey.

Earlier this year, I was both honored and thrilled that Georgiana Lee, (Navajo), the Assistant Director of Vision Maker Media, invited me to an incredibly informative Vision Maker Media Producer Workshop. I was humbled to be among such a group of amazing media professionals that met during the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I chose to drive - Arriving a day early

I am not a flying type - so I gladly opted to drive the 22 hour, 1,400 one way trip. After 5 states and only one 7 hour stop - I arrived in Minneapolis to gorgeous weather and beautiful cityscapes. With my eyes to the sky, I saw the Minneapolis Hyatt - the place holding the NAMAC conference. Now, I have stayed in hotels all over the country, but this place was HUGE!

After checking into my hotel room with my beautiful wife Delores and our little chihuahua Sophia, my wife decided to relax - While I decided to explore.

In general, when I travel, I feel an overwhelming excitement and thrill to say hello to new people while looking at new places for the very first time. I am ever still excited, suprised and grateful for all the places my journies take me in my career in the media world.

My first exploration of Minneapolis - first two feet, then two wheels

To make things even better, the Hyatt staff was great, I ask everyone I meet a ton of questions and they all answered my thirst for knowledge. My first quest was the nearest place for healthy stuff!

I am obsessed with organic food and the hotel staff told me about a great market just a few miles away - Feeling energetic I decided to walk to see what was near me, to which I quickly discovered museums, parks, cool small stores and green bikes. Yes, green bikes... So often I am traveling and still never discard my tie, vest and slacks to keep up my professional appearance:

But in this one case - I had on shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes - when I saw the bikes, with a huge smile on my face, I decided to give it a shot. It was my first great decision of the trip!!  The hotel staff was even nice enough to take my picture - Thanks folks!

Did I also mention there were quite a few hills in Minneapolis? Uphill was ok - because these bikes had multiple gears ... but downhill was even better!What a sensation to be in a big city for the very first time - traffic is buzzing all around you - and a breeze is blowing into your face as you rush downhill - exciting if admittedly a bit fun and nervewracking! I was so glad I brought my camera with me.Here are a few photgraphic shots I was able to get - it didn't matter I was lost for a short time:
Back at the Hotel

Arriving back at the hotel, I had a feast! As the past 22 hours on the highways began to catch up with me, I decided to get some rest - but I was still a bit apprehensive to meet a new group of people. I slept restlessly waiting for the next day.

After sleeping in for the first time in a week - I eventually embarked to meet the rest of the folks that evening for an introductory dinner at a local restaurant. Within minutes of meeting everyone, to include a kind greeting from Georgiana - I realized I was among friends. Our evening at the restaurant was filled with great conversation, laughter and sharing stories. we also explored just a small bit of Minneapolis.

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