Media For Change - August 19

Media For Change - August 19

Michelle Danforth began her journey in 2001 by taking a pay cut and working part-time for Wisconsin Public Television as a Production Assistant.

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2011-08-25 00:00

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Last week, I attended Media for Change and it was a great experience. First off, a big thank you to Vision Maker Media for the opportunity to attend.

1. Session 1 - Working Films with Molly Murphy provided great insight to the pitching process. 

1.1 Truly, when you are starting your film, it is really important to have these talking points well thought out before you even get on the phone because the possible funding sponsors have many people pitching their projects and tune out quickly.

1.2 The example that I came up with for Sacred Stick/Lacrosse Documentary was: With the continued racial issues affecting teens in the U.S./World.  Sports is a great vehicle to bridge the cultural divide in communities.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in North America.  Sacred Stick incorporates the origins of the game, having a good mind, and healthy lifestyle. As in life, understanding history broadens our comprehension of life. Through screenings targeted to athletes and their families, this film aims to help bridge cultures.

***Important Part---the ASK: For (possible funder, my example was NIKE) to use their resources to help support the screenings and to utilize their PR/Marketing networks to help promote the film.

The excercise also made me realize, I need to complete a PR plan for the release of Sacred Stick.

2. KNME - Rose Poston - loved her website,  I think her talk make a Producer think about how can I create usable clips out of my documentary. Good thing to brainstorm even before you start to shoot. Especially, if you want your piece to have an impact in the classroom. Teachers need materials that are not too long.

3. Brainstorming with the Educators. Professors need access that won't cost $250 a film.  We also talked about creating comtemporary stories that were a new twist on history. Patty Loew will have our completed listing.

All in all, this was a valuable program and it was great to meet other Native Producers. I hope that Vision Maker Media finds a way to offer more days like this one for more producers.

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