A Letter from Georgiana Lee, Vision Maker Media Assistant Director

A Letter from Georgiana Lee, Vision Maker Media Assistant Director

Georgiana Lee, a member of the Diné (Navajo) tribe in Arizona, has been the organization’s Assistant Director since 2009.

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2010-03-05 13:06

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I first heard of Vision Maker Media as an undergraduate at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. At one point, I toured the facility and was amazed that such an organization existed. Little did I know—I would work work for Vision Maker Media three years later.

After graduating from Creighton University with my bachelor in journalism and theater, completing a one-year film intensive in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and working on the Barack Obama campaign in Montana as a community organizer, I found myself in Lincoln, Nebraska, at Vision Maker Media.

I’m grateful to the individuals, organizations and stations who have whole heartidly supported Vision Maker Media and all we have been able to accomplish this last year. Without your support, Vision Maker Media would not be in existence. With continued support, Vision Maker Media has the potential to create even more Native content through television, radio and new media, not to mention the opportunity to increase the number of native media makers in the world.

We have been handed the opportunity to inspire and engage the world with our stories.

I welcome you to share Native stories with the world through the creation, promotion and distribution of Native media with us. Please consider making a contribution of any amount to aid us in our mission.


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