It's Not Too Late to Get Started and Prevent Diabetes!

It's Not Too Late to Get Started and Prevent Diabetes!

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2011-07-12 14:12

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The article “Diabetes is a Killer” was recently covered by The article discusses how walkers of the Longest Walk 3 entered Washington, D.C. on Friday morning. The walkers formed a circle in front of the White House and held a water blessing ceremony—to represent the unity of people everywhere. Following the White House, the walkers made a brief stop at the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of the American Indian and the National Mall. The walk was to stress the importance of Diabetes as a killer and a major contributor to limb amputations. Prior to the walk—to stress the importance of good health—several dozen American Indians attended the National Diabetes Summit held in Leesburg, Virginia.

NAPT’s VisionMaker released the Emmy®-nominated documentary Walking into the Unknown recently. The film is a surefire way to kickstart your health. The film will take you into the very personal journey of a Native American physician—Dr. Arne Vainio—as he makes his way through the health care system as a patient going through multiple tests and procedures that he had been avoiding. Director Nate Maydole commented, “Our sincere hope is that we can spread the word that it’s never too late to begin caring about your well-being. The breadth of resources and informational health facts stated in the film are purely to educate, engage and inspire men and women to take action regarding their futures.”

Set to a soundtrack of Native rock music, this documentary is sure to keep you upbeat and provide the motivation that will have you taking advantage of the remaining gorgeous weather this summer and this coming fall to get your health action plan into gear.

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