How to Get More Yous Looking at Your Tube

How to Get More Yous Looking at Your Tube

Eric Martin, former Interactive Media Specialist for Vision Maker Media, worked at Vision Maker Media from 1996-2015 and is currently the Content Media Strategist for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications.

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2012-08-14 00:00

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Here are a few tips for getting more people to watch your videos on YouTube.

  1. Keywords are key. Save the ones that you will always use in a Google Doc, copy and paste the keywords into the keywords field. Then add all the words unique to that particular video.

  2. Post a link to your website or a related website at the beginning of the description. Make sure the URL is short. This won't get you a whole lot more views, but it will get you more visits to your site as a result of posting your video.

  3. Make sure that you have a nice and short description about your video in the first two or three lines of your description field.

  4. Pick the best image for your YouTube video. If you sign up for Google for Non-Profits you can actually upload related images instead of just picking from the three random images that YouTube gives you.

  5. Embed the video on your site and post it on Facebook and twitter.

  6. Keep your videos short.

  7. Promote your video in one big campaign. There is a rumor that if you get a big spike within the first 48 hours that you have a great chance of being selected as a YouTube featured video. While that may be a longshot. People are more likely you click on a video if they see it has been viewed a lot in a short period of time, so it doesn't hurt to follow this rule anyway.

  8. Create playlists for series and link to that, so that people will just start watching all of the related videos, one after another.

  9. Have a featured video on your homepage. Change it out when you can.

  10. Use YouTube as a social media platform: subscribe to other channels, like other videos, etc. Remember the best way to get followed is to follow someone.

  11. Look at your analytics and learn from them, including what sites are sending you a lot of traffic through video embeds, etc.

  12. Use “Audience Retention” in your individual YouTube video Analytics to see at what points people are watching the most (or least), to get feedback on your video, so that you can post videos that get people watching your videos all the way until the end.
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