Help Them Help You Tell a Story

Help Them Help You Tell a Story

Kelly Byars is a filmmaker, sculptor, actor and teacher.

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2012-10-26 00:00

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Sept. 5-8, 2012, Vision Maker Media had their workshop in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were lucky to have great weather so walking through town to get to our destinations was enjoyable. Our dinner at the Oceanaire Seafood Room, where they served the best seafood I have ever eaten, was a great way to start our week with great food, company and conversation. The town is filled with great food venues and the views of the city were tremendous.

The meetings started with introductions and I knew we were in for a great day of vital information. Each of the participants, filmmakers in their own right, had great aspirations for their projects and dreams for the future. I learned that developing Native content for broadcasting involves so much, even before we begin to aim the camera. How we target an audience and what type of content Public Television is looking for were some of the questions I wanted answered. They were and so many more as well!  I did not realize the immense amount of resources available to filmmakers that are blessed to be a part of Vision Maker Media.

As a producer of one of Vision Maker Media's supported projects, I am excited to get busy on our film. It is great that Vision Maker Media will be there to help guide us through the process – many of these resources I just learned about through this workshop. They are there to help in so many aspects of getting Native stories out there. I feel a great foundation being set for some great Native stories to finally hit the airwaves and be told by Native people. After doing so much of this on our own as independent producers, it is truly a blessing to have this kind of guidance. I hope that anyone interested in creating Native content for public broadcasting will have a chance to get involved with Vision Maker Media and get their stories out there for educational purposes - as well as entertainment.

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