"February--Then & Now"

"February--Then & Now"

Randal P. Hansen is treasurer for the Vision Maker Media board of directors, serving the organization for the past eight years.

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2012-02-02 00:00

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The Super Bowl for me and my family this year was not a big deal. Although I have always been a big fan and it was my favorite sport to play growing up, I was not a big fan of either team (New England Patriots or the New York Giants). I do appreciate both quarterbacks--Eli Manning and Tom Brady--but really did not care much who won the game. I did end up pulling for the Patriots only because the Giants pulled the big upset at the last Super Bowl they played in (I think it was 2006). My youngest daughter did not play club volleyball on Super Bowl Sunday so I decided to officiate at a local club volleyball tournament instead. Then, I went home and watched the game with my house full of women (wife, three daughters and a few of their friends). The biggest thing I wanted you to know about me and the Super Bowl, is that it is on my "Sports/Travel Bucket List." At some point in my life, I would like to attend all the major sporting events (plus a few more). So maybe the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, Daytona 500, Husker BCS Bowl Game, The Olympics (specifically volleyball), U.S. Open Tennis Championships, Running (limping) with the Bulls in Italy(?), maybe a major golf tournament and so on.

Again, sorry to disappoint, but Valentine's Day for the Hansen household was a pretty low-key event this year. I was home sick with the start of my head cold but still ended up going to an early dinner with my wife and daughters. My middle daughter, who is 18-years-old and a college freshman, had just "cooled it" with her boyfriend of six-months the week before Valentine's Day so she still wanted someone (her family) to take her out to dinner. Made sense. Nice meal, good family time and my daughter was texting her ex-boyfriend the whole time we were at dinner. What??

All friendly, good stuff, but I guess a whole different world than the one I grew-up in (without cell phones, up hill both ways in the snow, you know the rest). But Valentine's Day is and will always be a special anniversary of sorts for my wife and I. It was 26 years ago that I proposed to her and she decided to answer YES to marrying me. Yeah, been married 25 happy years now and hoping for at least another 25 wonderful years (which hopefully includes doing some of that Bucket List stuff I mentioned earlier). The unique and kind of funny part about my proposal plans in 1986 was this. We had dated for four years, so Christmas 1985 came and went with no proposal or ring. OKAY, her birthday is at the end of January, so no problem right? Her birthday came and went with no proposal or ring, well now we had sort of the beginning of a problem. I guess her group of friends had convinced her no doubt we would get engaged at either Christmas time or on her birthday. Well long story short, I had the ring for months and months and always wanted to wait until Valentine's Day to propose. So true to form (analytical accountant), I held to my plan even with my girlfriend (future wife) starting to get a little-bit impatient with me and starting to question me about our relationship. Funny stuff now, interesting few months in early 1986.

Hope you are all having healthy, happy times and best wishes from me.
-- Randy Hansen
Vision Maker Media Board Member

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