Amazigh International Film Festival and Amazigh Film Workshop

Amazigh International Film Festival and Amazigh Film Workshop

Ian Skorodin graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and began his directing career with an award winning feature film, entitled TUSHKA, based on the murder of a Native American activist’s family.

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2012-10-16 00:00

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With the great support of the Vision Maker Media Producer Opportunity Fund, I travelled to Agadir, Morrocco to participate in the 6th Annual Amazigh International Film Festival. While in attendance, I was also given three film classes to instruct.

The first took place as soon as I landed in Agadir. I was given over twenty students and taught at the Radio and Television Academy in Agadir.

The students were no different than most American Indian and First Nations Canadian students I have taught in the past. They were eager to write the script, excited to be in production and hypnotized by the editing process. Luckily, most of them spoke or understood English and a translator was provided by the festival.

The second workshop I instructed took place at a local university in Agadir. Here, we had over twenty five students, no translator and less time. However, we still managed to communicate the production process and the students produced two films. They were especially generous and gave gifts to myself and the other instructors.

We conducted our third film workshop at a local junior high school in Agadir, Morocco. We worked with twenty Amazigh students for the day. They were great students and very eager to learn about filmmaking. We managed to touch all the basics including camera, sound, direction, acting and music composition. As always, we had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with such incredible youth.

These films were shown during the closing night reception of the Amazigh Film Festival. We were given awards for instructing the students. The audience gave them a great of applause for their hard work.

We will be screening the students work at the 6th Annual LA Skins Fest this November 13th-18th, 2012.

It was a great experience and enhanced my partnerships fo many future endeavors. Thanks to Vision Maker Media's Producer Opportunity Fund. It was a tremendous help for great experience.

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