22 Tweeting Tips

22 Tweeting Tips

Eric Martin, former Interactive Media Specialist for Vision Maker Media, worked at Vision Maker Media from 1996-2015 and is currently the Content Media Strategist for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications.

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2012-05-08 00:00

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  1. Listen. Twitter is a two-way communications tool. Whether you just click on the @ Connect button in Twitter or use a high-end social media management software like Radian6, listening to what people are saying to or about you is important. A great tool that we use is social mention.

  2. Ask a question, start a dialogue. The best way to engage with your followers is to ask them a question. Plus, studies have shown that people are more likely to respond, share or click on the link of a social media post that is in the form of a question.

  3. The best way to get followed, is to follow other people/organizations; however, don't just follow everyone. Make sure they are relevant to what you are tweeting about and it's best not to follow more people than are following you.

  4. Social media is social. Retweet what you learn from those your follow. Thank people for promoting what you do. Help promote what your friends/organizations with similar missions are doing.

  5. Tweet more, but only if it is good content; however, make sure to ...

  6. Pace yourself. Don't send out a ton of tweets all at once. After so many tweets clumped up together it just starts to become noise. Make sure there is at least five minutes between tweets.

  7. One great way to make sure that you don't send out too many tweets at once is to use social media management software to schedule your tweets. We use Hootsuite. Another popular free piece of software is Tweetdeck.

  8. Schedule tweets when it makes sense for people to read them. Think of your audience. If you are trying to engage people at home, tweet when they are at home. If you are trying to promote a screening, schedule it about the time people are asking themselves, "What do you want to do this weekend?".

  9. Use TweetWhen and other analytics to see what times you get retweeted the most and schedule during those times. We've noticed lunch, weekends and evenings are times when people tune in to their Twitter feeds.

  10. The average lifespan for a tweet is three hours, so don't tweet about the same thing for about three hours, unless it is for an event that it coming up soon, then tweet about it around the time the other tweet is coming to the end of its life.

  11. Keep your tweets to about 100 characters. This will allow people to add their comments when they retweet you. Shorter tweets are also more likely to have their links clicked on.

  12. Shorter tweets are better, but try 2 avoid the text style of writing, where u shortn wrds by takin out letters & using signs & numbers. 2 much of this can make ur tweet hard 2 read.

  13. Use a URL shortener. Both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck have them. Another popular one is bit.ly. Not only does this make your tweets shorter, but it allows you to track how many times the link was clicked on.

  14. #Don't #Over #Use #Hashtags in #Your #Tweets. Limit it to two or three max.

  15. Use hashtags only when appropriate like to target a geographic area, a well-established or event-related hashtag and in rare cases as a way to emphasize a word or as a punchline. That said ...

  16. Watch for trending hashtags that you can jump on that can be connected to your mission or that would be of interest to your audience (i.e. What do you think of the Navy Seal Team 6 using the code name Geronimo for #Osama Bin Laden?).

  17. Check your hashtags before using them. If you have a typo in your hashtag, you won't be part of the conversation that you thought you would be. Also, if you just make up a hashtag that is being used for something else, you might be part of a conversation you don't want to have associated with your brand.

  18. Tweet more photos. People love photos and if they like them, they will share them. A picture is worth a 1,000 words right? Also, they will show up on your Twitter profile as "Recent Images" and give people a sense of what you are about.

  19. Posters are "photos" too. Want to get all the information about an event out in a single tweet? Turn the poster for the event into an image and tweet it. In most cases, depending on how you tweet them, people can see them right from their Twitter feed.

  20. Tweet more video clips. You can use the shortened URL from the "share" section of YouTube videos (i.e. http://youtu.be/87ZSLhfLz5E) and the video will play within people's Twitter feeds.

  21. There are many more tips that could be given, but the most important is that you experiment with different types of tweets and see what your audience responds to.

  22. You can tell how your audience is responding by using free analytics like Klout, twitalyzer, twtrland and tweetstats. The best person (or organization) to compare with is you. Don't obsess about how others are doing, just work to improve your own Twitter stream's results from week to week, month to month.
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