2012 Vision Maker Media Producers Workshop

2012 Vision Maker Media Producers Workshop

Melissa Henry is an artist and filmmaker.

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2012-10-09 00:00

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I attended the Vision Maker Media's Producers Workshop in Minneapolis in early September. This was my first time in the workshop. 

I got a refresher on Vision Maker Media and its mission. I learned about how to find a public broadcast audience for our content. I learned a bit more about Vision Maker, and also about how Vision Maker Media can do our marketing for us. I also found out about PBS Learning Media and creating lessons plans for our films. The guidelines for social media were nice also. However, since I am not one of the people who was directly funded, but I am part of their project, having to sit through all the dos and don't of the paperwork was a bit hard for me. 

In all I learned new things, and Blue's presentation was the best one for me because it was the most visual (since we're all filmmakers, we're all visual learners). This is probably a good model to emulate.

I also enjoyed meeting other filmmakers, but I would have liked more time to learn about them beyond the quick intros. Maybe next time those who are filmmakers can create a 30 second demo reel so we can remember each other?

I also liked the NAMAC conference. I attended a session on Community Support and fundraising for projects and I really liked it, it was very useful.

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