Kimberley Lambert-Lyman

Kimberley Lambert-Lyman

Kimberley has been a filmmaker since her early years of college. While at school she was doing some research about her heritage and came to an alarming conclusion.

"What I found was there was little or nothing available regarding Indian history, as told by the Indian people and I decided way back then that I wanted to do something about that."

Since then Kimberley has been creating programming about Native tribes across the country. Much of her work is specifically designed for the classroom and even includes links for teachers to help structure lessons. The content of these programs result directly from feedback she receives from Native Americans across the country.

"The most important part of my job is to listen to what Native people say is important to them...I see no end in sight regarding new and exciting stories that will come out of the Native people here in Virginia and across the country. There is a lot of history that is not included in the history books that really belongs there."

Job Title: 
Media Maker and Educator
Tribal Affiliation: 
Chickamauga Cherokee Indian Creek Tribe
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Native Oklahoma
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