Eric Martin

Eric Martin

Eric Martin, former Interactive Media Specialist for Vision Maker Media, worked at Vision Maker Media from 1996-2015 and is currently the Content Media Strategist for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications. He helped create the AIROS Native Networks’ online presence working on live webcasts and podcasts. Eric's responsibilities at Vision Maker Media had him focusing on the opportunities that New Media presented in being able to tell stories that wouldn't necessarily work within traditional broadcast media. Eric received his Bachelor in Journalism with Distinction from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 1997.  

Eric has given presentations on radio broadcasting, New Media, and technology issues at SXSW, the Tribal Technology Visioning Conference, National Federation of Community Broadcasters' National Youth in Radio Training Project, the Indian Telecommunications Initiatives Regional Workshop, the Great Plains Music & Dance Festival and Symposium, the Native American Journalist Association Convention and the Intertribal Native Radio Summit.

Job Title: 
Interactive Media Specialist
Recent posts: 
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