Former Vision Maker Media Executive Director Frank Blythe (Cherokee/Dakota) and Vision Maker Media Founding Board Member, Ron Hull, discuss the future of public broadcasting, and why it is more important than ever.
Frank Blythe and Ron Hull reminisce about Vision Maker Media's progression from a start-up organization into a major Public Broadcasting provider.
Find out how NAPBC (now Vision Maker Media) came to be located in Nebraska.
Frank Blythe and Ron Hull recall Vision Maker Media's creation of the satellite radio programs AIROS and Native America Calling.
Former Vision Maker Media (previously NAPT) Executive Director Frank Blythe (Cherokee/Dakota) recalls a visit from the FBI in the 1970s as the trail for Wounded Knee was going on.

Myron Longsoldier knows firsthand what it's like to be young, lost, and Native American. By the time he was 9 years old, he had already experienced a bad hangover.




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