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Navajo Math Circles follows Navajo students in a lively collaboration with mathematicians.

Urban Rez explores the controversial legacy and modern-day repercussions of the Urban Relocation Program (1952-1973).
Join more than 300 Native journalists, media professionals and tribal community representatives from across the country!

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Breastfeeding is not unique to humans. All 4,000 species of mammals produce a milk designed specifically for their infants.

"The hope and determination of modern-day American Indian life is revealed in this film about what it takes to win one of the most exciting forms of horse racing practiced anywhere in the worl

Open Call provides completion funds for single nonfiction public television programs on any subject, and from any viewpoint.

Vision Maker Media invites proposals intended for Public Television that represent the experiences, values, and cultures of American Indians & Alaska Natives.

The fourth annual New Media in Indian Country Summit will bring together speakers and media makers from Oklahoma Tribes.




Native stories that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of American Indians and Alaska Natives for your station!


Current funding, job, and training opportunities that support the production of Native content. Plus, additional information for filmmakers.


Hands-on educational tools for middle school to college-aged students that increase the Impact of Native films in the classroom.