Boarding School Stories Completes Interactive Curriculum Prototype


Boarding School Stories Completes Interactive Curriculum Prototype

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Director Jonathan Skurnik and his team recently completed the prototype of their project funded by Vision Maker Media, an interactive curriculum for  Boarding School Stories,  a visual history  archive of boarding school survivor and alumni testimonies:

The curriculum is designed for high school and college history instructors to teach about the history of Indian boarding schools, centralizing the testimonies of Native elders who experienced it.  The curriculum also connects the boarding school history to students' personal experiences and to similar events in world history and current events. The team presented the prototype to a group of 30 educators at the Autry Museum of the American West on Oct 25. 

After implementing the educators' excellent feedback, the team will roll out the prototype at select schools for further beta testing, then apply for funding from the National Endowment of the Humanities to write and design the full complement of lessons. 

Boarding School Stories is a project of the Cante Sica Foundation and is an outgrowth of Skurnik and Randy Vasquez's VMM-funded film The Thick Dark Fog, which told the story of a Lakota elder's effort to heal himself and his community from the legacy of boarding school trauma, a crucial but largely ignored episode in Native American history. 

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