Twice as Good


Twice as Good

Twice as Good is an award-winning blues band comprised of a father and son duo, Rich and Paul Steward. They are both from the California Elem Indian Colony of Pomo Indians. Twice as Good’s high-energy performances demonstrate their great showmanship. \

Rich’s musical skills were learned from his mother, as well as her cousin, Hank Gonzalez. Then, Rich taught Paul how to play guitar leading to Paul’s desire to continue studying music.

The duo first started performing for friends’ parties and they created a following that led them to the club scene and later winning music awards. They obtained their name when they were told, “if you’re going to make it, you have to be twice as good.” Since then, the duo has performed at some of the major blues festivals and they were awarded “Best New Blues Band of 2011” by the Bay Area Blues Society. They are the first Native Americans to win this prestigious award.

Production Assistant Tobias Grant (Omaha/Sisseton/Dineh/Cherokee) recently spoke with Twice as Good after their performance on Stage 49 during Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, N.M. Together, they talk about their music, their experience at the Nammy Awards ceremony and their performance on Stage 49.

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