Lakota Jonez


Lakota Jonez

Lakota Jonez is Cherokee, Mohawk and Lakota. She was born in Florida and grew up all over the East Coast and Canada. She began performing at an early age--first in ballet, then writing, poetry, lyrics and finally music. Lakota wrote lyrics and poetry in high school and later found herself immersed in  Hip-Hop music. "Writing Hip-Hop lyrics was like telling a story," she said.

Lakota then started turning lyrics into songs and thus began her career in music. Lakota Jonez won the 2009 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Rap or Hip Hop Album and has co-written songs with various artists including Rock & Roll artist Derek Miller (Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation) and Rock & Roll band Jesus Murphy. Lakota Jonez recently worked on a project for Gathering of Nations called The Golden Opportunity. The experiment provides students with a small amount of money and a camera so that they may select and research small-scale actions to learn about how those actions ripple out across their community and the world.

Production Assistant Tobias Grant (Omaha, Dakota, Cherokee & Dineh) spoke with Lakota Jonez during the 2011 Gathering of Nations. Tobias and Lakota talk about her music, performing at Stage 49 and her plans for this year.



Lake of Betrayal looks at the Seneca Nation’s fight to protect its sovereignty against a backdrop of a federal Indian Termination policy, pork-barre


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