Chase Manhattan


Chase Manhattan

Chase Monchamp (Chase Manhattan) is an up and coming star on the Native Hip Hop/Rap music scene. He has dropped his 3rd CD  “The Backside” January 2009 - which includes “For my Natives”, a song dedicated to all Native Peoples.

Chase Manhattan with roots in Inger, MN and ties to the Twin Cities music scene, has been promoting his music at various urban Pow-wows such as Denver March, Red Earth and Gethering of Nations. His energy and music is positive and he continues to surface as the next hot Native music artist. His first CD was produced at the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in Minneapolis and his second CD was dropped in January 2008; a 15 song demo "Redskin in a Black and White World."

Here is a short list of songs that Chase Manhattan has released from his albums (Backside and from his 2010 album Tribal Tribulations).

"For My Natives" (Backside)

"We the Best" (Backside) - Explicit Lyrics

"The Original 2 Step" (Tribal Tribulations)

"Change" (Tribal Tribulations) - Explicit Lyrics




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