Arigon Starr Trek


Arigon Starr Trek

Native Sounds - Native Voices has compiled a list of our favorite Arigon Starr tunes.

Some of the songs we picked out have certain nerdy pop culture references we enjoy, while others have strong political messages. We have created a playlist comprising ten of our favorite Arigon Starr songs that you should check out.

Our Top Ten Favorite Arigon Starr Songs;

 "Junior Frybread" [Wind-up]

Aden: "One of my favorite songs of hers. It deals with one of my favorite foods...frybread."

 "Apache A-Go-Go" [Wind-up]

Sina: "This song starts off Arigon's 'Wind-up' album, and provides a really great sense of what you're getting from this album. It's pop, it's happy, and just a lot of fun all around."

"Eugene Tooms is Dead" [Meet the Diva]

Aden: "Great song about a creepy guy from the X-files, here's a link of Mr. Eugene Tooms."

"Snagging" [Wind-up]

Sina: "This song is basically a 3-minute 'it's funny because it's true' joke. I think the line 'With fire in your eyes, you'll be snagging!' says it all."

"Monsters of the World Unite" [Meet the Diva]

Aden:"Hilarious song about what would happen if all the famous monsters unionized."

"Edith Keeler Must Die" [Backflip]

Sina: "'Edith Keeler' is a reference to the original Star Trek episode 'City on the Edge of Forever'. I don't want to give anything away, but I'll give you a hint of how it ends--there is something Edith Keeler MUST do...and she does it."

"Honor Me" [Wind-up]Things get awkward when we don't have this sign up.

Aden: "A song about how people "honor"  Native Americans by the use of mascots.It is a clever political song."

"Please Do Not Touch the Indians" [The Red Road]

Sina: "Arigon discusses the portrayal of Native Americans in westerns...through a country song. The rhythm may be upbeat, but the lyrics remind us of the serious subject."

"The Red Road (Original Version)" [The Red Road]

Aden: "The song that started her one woman show, it is about a Native truck driver, which reminds me of my dad who is  a Native truck driver."

"The Peltier Song (One Bright and Shining Morning)" [Wind-up]

Sina: "Of course, no semi-political list is complete without a Leonard Peltier song, and this one is on par with any."

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