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Build professional networks and form lasting relationships with a diverse community of arts leaders around the world. Reinforce personal and professional growth. Learn to lead with confidence. 

Explore and share your career goals through the application process. Submit your application by Nov. 20, 2016. Contact Admissions Coordinator, Ariel Shelton, ashelton@artstrategies.org, with any questions.

Eligibility: We look for projects that fit the following criteria: - The project tells or co-creates a fiction, non-fiction or hybrid story (or stories). - The project provides one or more of the following points of entry (broadly defined): film, gaming, theater, music, visual arts, comics, literature, design and web/mobile native arts. - The project innovates story design by using new technologies and platforms to enable the creation of story; OR low-tech designs that are exploring new methods of storytelling.
United States
August 11, 2015

This documentary explores the mythic and historic roots of contemporary gambling in the Northwest Native Society through a look at the traditional hand game (also called "s

United States
August 10, 2015
Good Meat follows an Oglala Lakota man's struggles and triumphs as he attempts to reclaim his health.
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Current funding, job, and training opportunities that support the production of Native content. Plus, additional information for filmmakers.


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