Vision Maker Media, NNMC and Me


Pierre Barrera is a Native American filmmaker and actor who was born and raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and now lives in the State of New Mexico.

Vision Maker Media, NNMC and Me

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2014-08-11 13:18

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Many years ago I held the distinct title of Photo Editor for our college newspaper, The Dakota Student at the University of North Dakota. That was the last time I was into the journalistic side of me. I decided then that journalism is not what tickled my fancy. Fast forward 20 years and here I am at the 2014 National Native Media Conference where my documentary Neon Buffalo was getting an award from Vision Maker Media. The culmination of six years of work for me and my producers.

Out of many applicants my story was chosen to be with some other incredible stories from Indian Country. There were stories of language and music, doctors and sisters, veterans and boarding schools. As we were presented with the film makers on hand I was greatly humbled by the stories that were being shown. I wondered if I had the stuff that these films had. Stories from the heart about our people, Native people. It was a time of great introspection for me. As I attended the conference, which had the theme “going Tra- Digital” I thought constantly of a time not to long ago, in the scheme of things, that we sat around camp fires and told stories of hunts and things we did not quite understand and labeled it ‘magic’. I thought of how we have advanced so much in the past ten years that I can literally see myself in a public setting from an angle of a camera of a person I have never met through the ‘air’.

The conference had very informative presentations. The presentation on legal matters interested me the most, mainly because I work in that part of the media industry on a daily basis. Other presentations about funding your project and the showing of films like Drunk Town’s Finest made my time a fun and informative educational experience. I also was lucky enough to meet other journalists and sing karaoke with them. Such fun. As my time ended at the conference I thought back and wanted to stay longer as to make the best of my experience, unfortunately I had kids to raise and bills to pay in New Mexico. I still think that there is ‘magic’ out there. We in the modern world just have to re-figure it out, use it as a tool to tell our stories.



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