Reflections on Video Letters for Father's Day


Cindy is the mother of the daughters who are featured in Video Letters from Prison. She is also featured in the film as Cindy Poor Bear. She is the ex-wife of Marvin Poor Bear.

Reflections on Video Letters for Father's Day

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2013-05-10 15:59

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As Father’s Day approaches, my heart is overwhelmed with a sense of bitter sweetness. It is at this time that Video Letters will be re-released through Vision Maker Media at the request of my three grown daughters. Our hearts are in mourning at the loss of their father Marvin (featured in Video Letters) as we lost him in the fall of 2012. My daughters miss him intensely. It was through Video Letters that they were able to reconnect with the blessedness of having a father and it is through Video Letters that they will always be able to see him and feel the love that he had for them.

In recent years, we have all reconnected on several levels. My oldest daughter was able to have him present at her college graduation and at the birth of her second son. The second oldest child was able to spend some very valuable and quality time with him fishing and hanging out in “father/daughter” time. The youngest of the three was able to rekindle her relationship with her father via phone conversations and solicit fatherly support during the time her husband was deployed in Afghanistan.

We are all sad at his untimely death but grateful for the time and opportunity that we were able to have with him. As always, Marvin was gracious and accepting of my husband and I of his wife. We shared quality time as a blended family and we truly considered everyone FAMILY.

Ironically, the one place that he fought so hard to get away from, was where he met his untimely death. I am sad, with Father’s Day approaching, that my children (once again) will not be able to share it with their father. It was the one thing that they so longed for all of their childhood but on the same note, I am grateful that with VIdeo Letters other children will be able to connect with their mothers or fathers and find balance in this world, the same way that my children did. I am grateful because I know that with this sadness comes great joy, the joy of knowing that Video Letters will let the world know my children’s father and what a wonderful human being Marvin Poor Bear was.



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