Producers Workshop/NAMAC Conference


Producers Workshop/NAMAC Conference

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2012-10-19 00:00

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Whenever Vision Maker Media gathers its producers and content creators in one place, it is always very inspiring.  What a wonderful way to keep up with the latest awesome projects in the production pipeline. The Vision Maker Media Producers Workshop provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss works in progress, as well as best practices for multiplatform and online engagement, an area of increasing import in public television productions.

The NAMAC conference gave us all an opportunity to hear from - and talk with - community activists and media makers from a range of backgrounds, informing our own work with Native communities and the best ways to use media and web platforms to facilitate change and increase audience engagement. The sessions on Pulic Art were especially beneficial, leading to unexpected connections between lessons learned in the material arts that could be applied to public television outreach.

Overall, this was a great experience and I hope we can have more of these opportunities in the future.



A provocative film from the American Indian perspective that reframes today’s controversial energy debate while the fate of the environment hangs in the balance.


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Complement classroom discussion about America's energy future with this film, and help students comprehend the debate about the best use of natural resources.