Navajo Code Talkers - Tom McCarthy


Navajo Code Talkers - Tom McCarthy

Date Posted: 
2017-05-22 14:17

Q. Why is it important to have films created, written and produced by Natives in today’s media?

A. I believe that all cultures should have access to the media tools in order to tell their own stories from their point of view. It's important for viewers to see the progress Native Americans have made in the production of videos that speak to their own cultures.

Q. Why do you think people should tune in for 40 Years: 40 Films?

A. Basically, over the last 40 years film and video has been produced by Anglos, and it's important that Anglos use their media knowledge to enable other cultures to depict their own experiences from their own points of view.

Q. Why should other producers and filmmakers work with Vision Maker Media?

A. Vision Maker Media gave me the opportunity to distribute my film "Navajo Code Talkers" to a national audience.

Q. How does Vision Maker Media provide support to you as a filmmaker?

A. Vision Maker Media made it possible for me to reach a larger audience.

Q. What one experience would you want audiences to take away after viewing your film?

A. I would like them to know about the sacrifice these young men, some as young as 14, made by coming to the defense of their country in a unique way despite their mistreatment by the Anglo/religious school system.

Q. How do Vision Maker Media films help serve Indian Country?

A. Vision Maker Media films helps by giving the Native American media producers venues to tell their stories accurately.

Q. What advice would you give to filmmakers beginning their careers?

A. Aspiring filmmakers should find training, do intensive research and team up with experienced media producers.