Growing Native Northwest


Blue Tarpalechee, a member of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation in Oklahoma, has been Vision Maker Media’s Project Coordinator since 2012. Blue serves in a project lead capacity on two ongoing initiatives.

Growing Native Northwest

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2012-08-20 15:01

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See a traditional Tulalip Tribes' trade route and its restoration back to its natural beauty, harvesting of the plant, camas, traditional Tulalip carvings into thousand-year-old cedar trees, and images of the Lushootseed Language Camp, all to the sound of music from the Potlatch Protocol.

The Annual Canoe Journey takes place each spring and summer where the Tulalip Tribes join other coastal Salish tribes in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia for a journey that brings friends together for weeks of connection with traditions, family bonding and physical, spiritual, and emotional well being.  Preparation for this several hundred mile journey along the water highways of coast Salish ancestors include Spring meetings in which young and old share lifeways, values, and personal experiences and avoid non-productive pursuits such as substance abuse and domestic violence.