Christopher Columbus Statue May Be Erected in Puerto Rico


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Christopher Columbus Statue May Be Erected in Puerto Rico

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2011-09-01 00:00

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Indian Country Today reported in their August 22, 2011, issue that a shunned Columbus statue may be erected in Puerto Rico.

The controversial statue of Christopher Columbus, built 20 years ago, was intended to commerate the 500th anniversary of his arrival in 1492. Created by Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, the 600-ton statue entitled "Birth to the New World" depicts a colossal Columbus standing in a small boat with three sails. Numerous American cities passed on the opportunity to erect the statue.

This year, Vision Maker Media released the 30-minute documentary film Columbus Day Legacy, which was recently named "Best Documentary" and "Best of Classification: Moving Images (Class X) at NMAI and SWAIA's 11th Annual Native Cinema Showcase. Navajo filmmaker Bennie Klain takes viewers into the quintessential American issues of free speech and ethnic pride against the backdrop of the ongoing Columbus Day parade controversy in Denver, Colorado, asking tough questions about identity and history in America.

I highly recommend that you watch the film Columbus Day Legacy. As you can see, although not a parade, we are faced with decisions of what to celebrate or honor as depicted in the article about the Columbus statue.

View the film trailer for Columbus Day Legacy.

View Columbus Day Legacy's Online Press Kit.

Purchase Columbus Day Legacy with Public Performance Rights.

Purchase Columbus Day Legacy for your Home.

Read the full article "Shunned Columbus Statue May Be Erected in Puerto Rico."



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