36th Annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco


Randy Vasquez grew up on the beaches of southern California and in the mountains of North Carolina. He has been an actor since 1983.

36th Annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco

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2011-11-07 00:00

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This past Saturday was the world premiere of my documentary The Thick Dark Fog at the 36th annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. Walter Littlemoon, the subject of the film, and his wife Jane Ridgway were in attendance. Full house at the Embarcadero Center Cinema! A packed house watched the film and then had the opportunity to ask Walter and myself questions afterwards. Also joining us were producer Jonathan Skurnik, composer Kathryn Bostic and wardrobe person and actress Joyce Ferrer. There was a discussion panel on Friday at the S.F. Public Library that was also well-attended and gave all present the chance to speak freely about the boarding school experience. A wider context of the consequences of childhood abuse that was rampant at the schools was provided by the panel and by those in the audience. The boarding school as a safe haven from violent households on the reservation was brought up by an Alaskan Native woman. All in all it was a grand kick-off for the film and once again I want to thank those at the festival for having us and providing a first-class event for our film. Also thank you Vision Maker Media for your support and in helping Walter and Jane attend the festival.

There was a Q&A afterwards. I also want to thank Pam Grady for the helpful and well-written article she wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle that was responsible for directing people to our screening. Check it out at: www.sfgate.com.




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