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Velma Craig

Velma Kee Craig (Navajo) is the co-founder of White Springs Creative, which she runs with her husband and fellow director Dustinn Craig. She enjoys writing poetry and blogs which aim to show the extra sweet and humorous of stay-at-home life. Velma is a graduate of Arizona State University with a BA in English Literature and a minor in American Indian studies. In 2008, she participated in "Native Women in Documentary Film," a community discussion featuring filmmakers at various stages in their professional work, organized by the NMAI Film and Video Center staff in Washington, DC. She lives with her family in Mesa, Arizona. Her short film in this manner, I am was awarded Best of Class in the Animated Shorts Division at the 2011 SWAIA film festival in Santa Fe, NM. Most recently, it has been requested for inclusion in the AZ100 Indie Film Collection, a project of the U of A Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry in collaboration with the Arizona Media Arts Center.

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On September 5th through the 7th, Dustinn Craig and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Vision Maker Media Producers' Conference held in Minneapolis, MN. It is always inspirational to meet and network with other filmmakers, especially Native filmmakers, and to hear about their projects and how they juggle or attempt to juggle their lives and projects.

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