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Tobias Grant

I am enrolled member of the Omaha tribe of Nebraska. I am also Cherokee, Navajo & Sioux. I was born & raised in the city, but was taught about the ways. I am studying business @ unl and work pt @ legislative. I also co-host a native radio show Sunday nites from 7 - 9 PM CT. Its titled "The Drum", follow it on social networking sites MySpace at and Facebook at Natives are a musical people and we express that through Pow-wow and Traditional music, native hip hop, Native American Church songs, healing songs, hand drums, and whatever else we feel like, We want to share our music with you & your friends & family, its free & no commericials! Come & get your Pow-wow on!

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I had the opportunity to interview Frank Blythe, who is my grandpa and Founding Executive Director of Vision Maker Media, as well as my mom, Francine Blythe, who is Executive Director of the National Geographic All Roads Film Project. The three of us were in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the same time and we got together for a cookout.



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