Sharon Linezo Hong


Sharon Linezo Hong

Sharon Linezo Hong is of mixed ethnic heritage. Her mother’s family album begins with a photograph of two Native American women from the Florida Everglades. The story passed down is that they were given a horse and a blanket and told to follow the North Star. Seven generations later, Sharon was raised in a small town along Florida’s Gulf Coast. As a young adult, Sharon sold all of her possessions and rode solo on a train to California. Her passions for filmmaking partly came from her experience working as a cooperative member at the Red Vic Movie House in San Francisco, Calif. Years later, Sharon relocated to Cambridge, Mass., where she has studied both film theory and technical training at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. My Louisiana Love is her first full‐length documentary.

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Director, Writer, Producer
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Finally in Post-Production, I can see an end to five years of making my first feature documentary, My Louisiana Love. Now… how will the film help bring forth change for my best friend, co-producer, and main subject, Monique Verdin and her Houma Indian family of southeast Louisiana? With this question hanging over me, I gratefully accepted Vision Maker Media’s invitation to a Media for Change workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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