Princella Parker


Princella Parker

Princella Parker worked as the Associate Producer for Standing Bear's Footsteps, a 60-minute historical documentary which was broadcast nation-wide in October 2012 on PBS. The documentary was funded in part by Vision Maker Media.

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Omaha Nation
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This past summer I had the opportunity to teach a digital media arts camp as apart of the educational outreach for the 60-min Standing Bear’s Footsteps documentary.  I worked as Associate Producer on Standing Bear’s Footsteps along with Executive Producer Christine Lesiak at NET Television. The digital media arts camp met at the Ponca Tribal building in Lincoln, Neb. with 13 Ponca youth aged 9-15 years old, all of whom were descendants of Ponca Chief Standing Bear.

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In September of 2012, I was received the opportunity to attend the Vision Maker Media Producer Workshop as well as the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I drove up from Lincoln, Nebraska with the Vision Maker Media staff to the downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel. The hotel, evocative of Stanley Kubrick films, hosted both the Producers Workshop and NAMAC Conference. To my joy and delight, my film “Native Daughters: The Road Home” was selected to showcase in the NAMAC Documentary Screenings.

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After the Ponca’s were forced to move from their home by the Niobrara to Indian Territory in Oklahoma, Chief Standing Bear's son Bear Shield died of Malaria. Bear Shield’s dying wish was for his father to bury his body in the old Ponca burying ground by the Niobrara, 500 miles away. Standing Bear’s journey to keep his promise to Bear Shield brought him to places he could have never imagined.


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