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Michelle Danforth

Michelle Danforth began her journey in 2001 by taking a pay cut and working part-time for Wisconsin Public Television as a Production Assistant. Nine years later, two regional Emmy nominations and a number of films later, she is working on her best piece to date, Sacred Stick. Credits Include: 2010 Sacred Stick, 2008 Native Nations: Standing Together for Civil Rights Produced with ELCA - ABC, Hallmark & NBC Air (Co-Producer, Director, Co-editor and Writer) 2008 Growing a Farm (Producer, Director, and Editor) 2005-07 The Oneida Speak - 60 Minute Version Produced with WI Public Television - PBS Air (Producer, Co-editor, Director, and Writer) 2005 The Oneida Speak - 12 Minute Version (Producer, Co-editor, Director, and Writer) 2004 The Trouble with Rice Lake (Producer, Videographer and Editor) 2003 WI Public TV - In Wisconsin - Segment: Rice Lake (Producer) 2003 Memories of Oneida Elders (Videographer & Editor) 2001-03 WI Public Televison: Cultural Horizons Children's Show (Production Assistant).

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Last week, I attended Media for Change and it was a great experience. First off, a big thank you to Vision Maker Media for the opportunity to attend. The following is a recap of the first session of the conference.