Mary A Pember


Mary A Pember

Mary Pember has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Editorial Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985. Since then, she has worked as an Independent photojournalist and writer and is now based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She specializes in Native American people and issues.

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Red Cliff Ojibwe
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Ah, summertime in Indian Country!  For me it means so much more than those homegrown 4th of July parades, powwows and gatherings. Summer showcases community and Native people’s uncanny ability to make something fun, useful and spiritually nurturing out of even the most limited resources. 

This season also highlights the exuberant heart of Native folks and reminds the world that even though ours is an ancient culture, we are indeed a vibrant part of the contemporary world.

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Food is my final addiction frontier. Unlike alcohol, drugs and smoking, however, it is a stubborn presence that will remain a part of life forever.


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