Laura Adams Guy


Laura Adams Guy

Laura Adams Guy is a station relations professional working with program producers interested in airdates on PBS/Public Stations.  I provide guidance, information,  peace- of-mind and strategy to producers who have invested much of their lives and sometimes livelihood in their completed productions.

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Station Relations Professional
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After attending the NETA conference in Kansas City October 19-20, 2011, I came away with lots of great ideas and motivation on how to promote, produce and bring stories of diverse backgrounds and experiences to public television audiences.

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As a station relations representative for Vision Maker Media, I recently attended the American Public Television Marketplace conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference occurred November 9 - November 12, 2011. It's primary purpose is to make programming available to public television stations nation-wide. Attendees include producers, station programmers, distributers and industry experts in many areas such as research and distribution.



Native stories that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of American Indians and Alaska Natives for your station!


Current funding, job, and training opportunities that support the production of Native content. Plus, additional information for filmmakers.


Hands-on educational tools for middle school to college-aged students that increase the Impact of Native films in the classroom.